A Workshop for Heads of ICH Committees and ICH Groups Leaders
Become a Community Facilitator

Iran Cultural House of Western Australia aimed to expand its facilities and improve its services to the community. In the line with this all ICH Committees Heads and Active Members are invited to participate in series of workshop "Become a Community Facilitator" to learn more and improve their performance on the service to the community they are providing.
The workshops support development of effective leadership and communication skills and based on experiential learning with minimal theory work. They promote solidity within communities by cultivating understanding, tolerance and respect within individuals.
ICH also invites all other volunteer members of the community, who wish to become a member of ICH Management Team, to join us, take this workshop and the responsibility for being a member of ICH Committees, creating, launching, managing and promoting ICH groups, activities, programs and events.
To find about the details and to sign up for the workshop, please come and see us (prior to 30th May 2012) on Saturday(s) 03:00-05:00 pm at Persian Language School, 51 Forrest Street, South Perth WA.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

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Iran Cultural House of WA
WEB http://www.persianculture.org.au/
EMAIL info@PersianCulture.org.au
TEL: 0405 766 208

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