Activity Summary
of Iran Cultural House of Western Australia
From 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013

1. Social Gatherings and Events
From 1st July 2011 until 30th June 2012, the total of 39 Events/Gatherings including “twenty six weekly social gatherings with total attendees of 455 and average of 17.5, thirteen Futsal play sessions with average of 9 players per session, four public social gatherings/celebrations (Unity feast, Mehregan, Yalda Night and Get together dinner party) with total attendees of 409 and average of 102 guests per event, two Group picnic, two Mini Market, one Resume Writing Workshop, and three Persian New Year Festival events (Charshanbeh Suri, Eid NoRooz Dinner Party and Sizdeh Bedar) with the total of 1870 attendees” have been hold. Total number of guests for all events was 1737 (%62 precents increase comparing to the preceding year).

2. Youth Programs
The Persian Lions United Futsal team has been formed and played from Dec 2012 until April 2013 on weekly basis at Melville Recreation Centre.

3. Support Services
For the period of 1st July 2012 to 30th June 2013, the members of ICH volunteers’ team have provided assistance to more than 100 people, most of them new arrivals. These are include multiple occasions of visits to refugees at Perth Detention Centres, Community Detentions, Hospitals and their residence, running English language classes for bridging visa holders, running the “Welcome House Project” along with Red Cross, CARAD. Uniting Church, running a “Resume Writing Workshop”, more than 10 cases of assistance on resume writing, more than 30 cases of assistance in finding rental home, 10 cases of job seeking assistance, more than 20 cases of settlement consultation, 5 cases of business establishment and investment consultation and 5 cases of assistance to aged/disabled clients.

4. External Relations
ICH relationship with WA government authorities and NGOs including DIAC, Red Cross, LWB, CARAD, IOM, PIDC, Communicare, Mercy Care and ASeTTS has been strengthen over the past year, and ICH representatives participated in numbers of meetings, information sessions, Functions, and Community Stakeholder Forums, including the Red Cross monthly CSF/Meeting.

5. Persian Language School
From July 2012, the Persian Language School moved to Collins Street Centre, South Perth. The operation was smooth and covers its cost and the numbers of students/teachers are increased.
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