گزارش مختصر فعالیت انجمن ایرانیان استرالیای غربی برای بازه زمانی یکم جولای ۲۰۱۴ تا سی ام ژوین ۲۰۱۵ در زیر تقدیم شده است. انجمن بدینوسیله از کلیه اعضاء بخصوص از داوطلبین افتخاری و اعضای شورا که با کمک و حمایت بیدریغ خود در موفقیت برگزاری برنامه ها و ارایه خدمات انجمن موثر بوده اند تشکر می نماید. بی شک ادامه این روند و باهم بودن و تشریک مساعی بیش از پیش اعضای جامعه ایرانیان مقیم استرالیای غربی و کمک بیدریغ اعضای این جامعه به یکدیگر مایه موفقیت های بیشتر برای تک تک اعضای جامعه و افتخار و اعتلای جامعه ایرانی مقیم استرالیا خواهد بود

ICWA Activity Report
1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015

1. External Relations
The association relationship with local government authorities has been maintained and strengthened. ICWA’s president was actively involved with WA government authorities, participated in numbers of meetings, information sessions and functions over the past year that significantly contributed to the ties between the Association and WA local government. Hon Elizabeth (Liz) Lloyd Behjat MLC, Member of Parliament WA (as representative of Dr Mike Nahan, the Minister for Citizenship & Multicultural Interests) and few other guests from Department of Social Services, Department of Local Government and Communities, City of Stirling, Town of Victoria Park and Red Cross WA were attended the ICWA’s Persian New Year Celebration. ICWA remain as a regular attendee to the "Community Stakeholder Forum" at Red Cross WA, and a member of the "Client Reference Group” (Consultative Group) of Department of Immigration and Border Protection WA.

2. Social Gatherings and Events
From 1st July 2014 until 30th June 2015, the total of 35 Events/Gatherings has been hold.  Total number of guests for all events was 3118, of which 2300 guests were attending the Persian New Year events (341 percent increase comparing to previous year). Average number of guests attended to regular events (ie. Saturdays at Collins Street Centre) were 25 that have %33 percent increase comparing to the preceding year. The event were include 16 Get together, 2 community picnics, 8 training sessions (2 Pathways to success, 3 Resume workshop, interview workshop, First aid, Emergency REDiPlan), 7 committee meetings and three big Persian New Year events.

3. Members Consultative Committee
In-line with the commitment of the Iranian Community of Western Australia (ICWA) to provide excellence in activities, services and events to the community, the “ICWA Members Consultative Committee (IMCC)” has been formed and started its activities from September 2014. The committee meets once a month and provides a forum in which information are shared and in which feedback and suggestions are sought in regard to the provision of ICWA activities, services and events and decisions are made. The committee has played a great role on managing the activities and event, particularly the Persian New Year events.

4. Support Services
For the period of 1st July 2014 to 30th June 2015, assistance provided to more than 62 people, These are include few cases of visit to refugees, more than 8 cases of assistance on resume writing, few cases of assistance in finding rental home, 17 cases of referral to free English Class, two cases of Counselling Services and one case of settlement consultation.

5. Websites and Social Media
One website, one blog, three facebook pages and three mailing lists (with more than 700 subscribers) have been maintained and kept up-to-date with regular posting of info, events, occasions and announcements. 

NOTE: the activities of Persian Language School is not included in the above report.

انجمن ایرانیان یک نهاد مردمی غیردولتی و غیرانتفاعی و متعلق به اعضای آنست. عضویت انجمن جز شرط سنی حداقل هفده سال شرط خاص دیگری ندارد و همه هموطنان مقیم استرالیای غربی می توانند با پیوستن به جمع اعضا در فعالیت ها و برنامه های انجمن شرکت و مشارکت نمایند. عضو تیم داوطلبین افتخاری باشند و یا با عضویت در شورا در برنامه ریزی و اجرای برنامه ها و فعالیتهای انجمن نقش ایفا کنند. این نهاد مدير و كارمند حقوق بگير ندارد. پذيرش هر سمت و مسووليتي در انجمن صرفا افتخاري است و تمامي فعاليت ها توسط اعضاي داوطلب كه مايلند به جامعه ايراني مقيم خدمتي كرده باشند انجام مي شود

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