سخنرانی مدیر انجمن در جشن نوروز

Good evening
Distinguished guests; dear friends, ladies and gentlemen;
Thank you all for joining us tonight.
I begin by acknowledging and pay respect to the traditional custodians of the land in which we meet today. I also would like to acknowledge the presence of our distinguished guest;

- Hon Ken Wyatt, Federal Minister for Aged Care, Seniors and Indigenous Health
- Hon Kate Doust MLC, Member for South Metropolitan Region
- His Worship Mayor Logan K. Howlett, Mayor of the City of Cockburn
- Councillor Sara Saberi, City of Canning, Beeloo Ward
- His Excellency Amit Kumar Mishra, Consul General of India
- Commander Stuart Bartel, Representative of WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson
- Acting Superintendent Paul Langdon, Superintendent of Cannington District, WA Police
- Elizabeth Lloyd Behjat, Adviser to Federal Minster Hon Ken Wyatt
- Said Padshah, Senior Policy Adviser to the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
- Isaac Ryan, Minister Wyatt’s Electorate Office manager
- Troy Nix, Community Liaison Officer WA, Department of Home Affairs
- WeiQi, Community Engagement Officer, Office of Multicultural Interests

On behalf of Iranian Community of Western Australia, I welcome you all and it is my pleasure to be with you and to say a few words at this event to mark and celebrate the Nowruz.
Nowruz, signifies the re-birth and revival of the nature, body and mind.
It reminds us our rich culture and heritage, the extraordinary contributions that our nation has made to human history, and the values of tolerance, mutual respect, understanding and peace that we all share.
It also prompts a spiritual direction to the principles of peace and love based on the three pillars of “Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds”.
Let’s all welcome Persian New year, rejoice in harmony and friendship, reflect on our hopes for the year ahead, and take the spirit of Nowruz beyond this season.
I would like, again, warmly welcome you all to this event, and sincerely thank every member, the management team, colleagues and volunteers of Iranian community of Western Australia, who made this event possible.
Nowruz Mubarak

دوستان عزیز و همراهان گرامی
بسیار خوشوقتم که به نیابت از سوی انجمن ایرانیان استرالیای غربی مناسبت فرخنده عید نوروز و آغاز سال نوی ایرانی را به یکایک شما میهمانان عزیز تبریک بگویم
عید نوروز و جشن سال نوی ایرانی با برخورداری از یک فرهنگ و تاریخ اصیل و طولانی و همچنین همزمانی آن با شروع بهار و جان گرفتن مجدد زمین و حیات هستی از امتیاز خاصی برخوردار بوده که آنرا از همه اعیاد سال نوی اقوام و ملل دیگر متمایز ساخته و آیین باستانی آن فراتر از تجدید خاطره ی یک تمدن بلکه حلقه پیوند گذشته و حال و آینده است و با سنت های زیبایش نیکی اخلاق، پاکیزگی جسم و جان، سخاوت، سلامت روح، آبادی شهرها، شوق و شور، سرور ومهربانی را به ارمغان می آورد.

ﺍﯾﻨﮏ ﺩﺭ شروع ﺳﺎﻝ ﻧﻮ همراه با هم از درگاه منبع لایزال هستی تغییر به سوی احسن الحال را طلب می کنیم و از او می خواهیم ﮐﻪ ﺳﺮﻧﻮﺷﺖ ﻣﺎ ﺭﺍ ﺩﺭ ﺳﺎﻟﯽ ﮐﻪ ﺁﻏﺎﺯ ﺷده است ، ﺑﻪ ﺑﻬﺘﺮﯾﻦ ﺷﮑﻞ ﺭﻗﻢ ﺑﺰﻧﺪ.
نوروز مبارک

مرتضی طباطبایی
مدیر انجمن ایرانیان استرالیای غربی

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