برنامه ریزی برگزاری جشن های سال نوی ایرانی آینده شامل چهارشنبه سوری و جشن عید نوروز و سیزده بدر و نیز نمایشگاه هنر ایرانی انجام شده و تدوین جزییات برنامه ها در حال انجام است. محل برگزاری جشن های چهارشنبه سوری و سیزده بدر در ساحل رودخانه محله ساوت پرت رزرو شده و جشن نوروز مثل سال گذشته در سالن ساوت پرت کامیونیتی برگزار خواهد شد. نمایشگاه هنر از شانزده تا هیجده آوریل برگزار میشود

غرفه های فروش بازارچه نوروزی در جشن چهارشنبه سوری و بازار روز طبیعت در جشن سیزده بدر نیز با ارایه محصولات مختلفی در خدمت میهمانان این جشن ها خواهند بود. فرصت تقاضا برای گرفتن غرفه تا سی و یکم ژانویه 2020  و فرصت ثبت نام هنرمندان برای نمایشگاه هنر تا سی ام نوامبر 2019 خواهد بود

عزیزان هم که داوطلب اجرای رقص و موسیقی و برنامه های هنری دیگر در هریک از این مراسم هستند و یا مایلند به هر نحو در برگزاری برنامه ها همکاری نمایند لطفا در اسرع وقت با انجمن تماس حاصل نمایند
اطلاعات کامل  در صفحه "جشن های سال نوی ایرانی" از وب سایت انجمن


Persian Language School WA
Fiscal Year 2018–2019

1.  General

From 1st July 2018 until 30th June 2019, the operation of Persian Language School was smooth and overall quality and quantity of the education program improved. Average of 25 students in children class and 15 learners in adult classes attended per term. We had more children students attended the school during the first semester of 2019 and from second term of 2019 there are 36 students in children class, who are learning in four study groups.

2.  Management

-      Organizing several meetings to discuss improvement areas in educational and management parts with Saadi foundation, OMI and school review team.
-        Regular school team meetings for the highest effective collaborating.
-        Creating new plans and programs to develop quality of educational level.
-        Arrangement of teachers’ participation, in OMI/AIM development program workshops.
-        Arrangement of End of School Year Celebration on December 2018.
-        Providing gifts for teachers and students.
-        Purchasing new equipment such as laptop, tablet and learning aid staffs.
-        Continue revising process to improve dynamic classes with the higher level of learning
-        Applying for OMI perCapita for the school.
-        Organizing new archives and file recordings.
-       Order, purchase and importing new books for the new program in accordance to the school agreements with Saadi foundation.
-         Reviewing/Updating teachers and education aids contracts.
-         New employments to improve teaching quality.
-         Contacting multiple schools trying to find/lease a new venue for Persian Language School, to allow further growth of school activities.
-       Registering PLSWA in OMI’s PIP program and submitting the first stage of standard levels in PIP, to move to the second level of registration.
-         Organizing online courses for teachers run by Saadi Foundation during the school holiday
-         Set up the new telegram channel for school review team for the further meetings and other collaborating and news
-      Initiating some changes in school charter to improve the efficiency and to include the changes in curriculum.
-          Introducing new Persian language tutoring program to serve more learners.
-          Submitting application for Community Language Teacher Award 2019.

3.  Curriculum and Program Planning

(1)   Collaborating with Australian Institute of Management (AIM) and Office of Multicultural Interests (OMI), for further professional development of school, including educational improvement such as running the dynamic classes for children, leadership and more, by registering in “Pathway Improvement Program (PIP)”. PIP provides community language schools with tools to assas their effectiveness and progress towards best practice in the management and delivery of community language learning, with the final stage being that our school to be recognised to teach ATAR courses.
(2)   Based on the MoU signed between Persian Language School WA and Iran’s Saadi Foundation on November 2018, the Persian Language School WA in collaboration with the foundation uses the educational sources, teaching methods and standards developed by the foundation (and top ranked in Persian Language Teaching) in its courses, since Term One 2019.

4.  Professional Development

Principal and teachers of Persian Language School WA, are highly qualified professionals with years of experience in teaching Persian language. During the past year they have strengthened their knowledge and skills, and increased their competency and effectiveness through participation in a series of “Community Language Professional Development”, training and workshops provided by Office of Multicultural Interest & Australian Institute of Management WA.

5.  External Relation

Representatives of Persian Language School WA, participated at the Community Languages Teacher Award, by the invitation of On behalf of Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA, Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests, and Ethnic Schools Association of WA; on 28 Nov 2018. 

6.  Events

End of School Year Celebration on 8th Dec 2018, was a great event in particular with the Alphabet Awards to the biggest group of children who has completed Persian Alphabets and able to read and write preliminary.

7.  Social Media

Three PLSWA telegram channels, one for adult learners, one for parents of children students and one for school teachers has been used and maintained during the year, and showed to be a great platform for communication with adult learners, parents of children students and school team.

Yours sincerely
Maryam Hosseini
Persian Language School WA


Fiscal Year 2018 – 2019

1.  Social gatherings and events

From 1st July 2018 until 30th June 2019, the total of 12 events has been held.  
The events were include Persian New Year Festival events (Charshanbeh Suri, Eid NooRooz, Sizdeh Bedar and Persian Art Exhibition), seven sessions of Persian Business Network Nights (monthly) and one photography workshop. The number of people attending at Charshanbeh Suri, Eid NooRooz, Sizdeh Bedar and Persian Art Exhibition events, were estimated as 1000, 160, 800 and 300 respectively.
- Persian Business Network Night 7 events July 2018-April 2019
- Charshanbeh Suri 19 March 2019
- Eid Nowruz         22 March 2019
- Sizdeh Bedar         31 March 2019
- Persian Art Exhibition 18-20 April 2019
- Photography Workshop 15th June 2019

2.  Support Services

For the period of 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019, assistance provided to more than 20 people. These were include one case of providing character reference letter, one case of providing Job related reference letter to an ICWA volunteer, one case of Mental Health related help/advice to Osborne Park Hospital, few occasions of help to job seekers, two cases of advice on rental properties to new arrivals, four cases of referrals to free English classes, one case of supporting academic research, and multiple cases of assistance for carrier development and participation at Kaleidoscope mentoring program.

3.  Persian Business Network

In the line with the objectives of ICWA and its commitment to support Iranian professionals and businesses, the formation of the Iranian Professional Network initially suggested to ICWA by Dr Vahid Etminan on 29th June 2017 and considered at the council meeting of the association on 27th July 2017. The network formed by inviting Iranian Professionals and Business Owners to its first Network Night that being hold on 25th August 2017. The network created to provide opportunities for networking, knowledge and experience sharing, and a positive, supportive and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business leads. Iranian Professional Network renamed to Persian Business Network in July 2018. From 1st July 2018 to April 2019 seven PBN nights have been held.

Membership of Kaleidoscope Steering Committee Project
Kaleidoscope is a project implemented by the City of Stirling, aimed to harness the economic benefits of migration by enabling newcomers to obtain employment in their field of expertise and supporting employers to reap the rewards of a diverse workforce. ICWA joined the Kaleidoscope Project Steering Committee in August 2017, and a representative of ICWA attended the Kaleidoscope project meetings and events since 16 October 2017. During the past year, thru this project, more than 15 free workshops for Job Seekers and/or small businesses, and the Kaleidoscope mentoring program that matches skilled immigrants with mentors in their field, made available to our community.

Continuation of the Persian Business Network
The latest PBN event was on 17 April 2019, after which the PBN steering group decided to review the activity, as there were opinions among the group that the network is not growing as expected. The review by PBN steering group has been finalised recently with the decision made not to continue the activity.
ICWA currently reviewing to reorganise this activity with more focus on enhancement employ-ability, career development and social life of Iranian Professionals.

4.  Management Team

From 1st July 2018 until 30th June 2019, one meeting has been held and most of the communication within the management team were made thru the team’s telegram group, where all info regarding events being shared, team members’ feed backs are sought and decisions are made. All scheduled events managed and went well, particularly the Persian New Year Festival events was a great success for the team. 
Due to the need for more active members in ICWA management team, to improve the quality of activities, particularly in planning and running the future events, three new volunteers have joined the ICWA management team recently.

5.  External Relation

  1. Hon Ken Wyatt AM, MP, the Federal Minister for Aged Care, Seniors and Indigenous Health; Hon Kate Doust MLC, Member for South Metropolitan Region; His Worship Logan Howlett, the Mayor of City of Cockburn; Councillor Sara Saberi from City of Canning; Consul General of India His Excellency Amit Kumar Mishra; Commander Stuart Bartel (as representative of WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson) & Acting Superintendent Paul Langdon from WA Police; Liz Behjat, the adviser to Federal Minster Hon Ken Wyatt; Said Padshah, Senior Policy Adviser to the Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests; Troy Nix, Community Liaison Officer from Department of Home Affairs and Ms WeiQi, the Community Engagement Officer from Office of Multicultural Interests, have been participated at the Persian New Year Celebration event this year.
  2. Hon Kate Doust MLC, the Member of Legislative Council for South Metropolitan Region, and Mr Peter Ryan, the Assistant Director from Department of Social Services are attended the Persian Art Exhibition opening function.
  3. Representatives of Iranian Community has been participated at few events and meetings including:
  • Community Leaders Forum, 24/Aug and 30/Nov/2018 and 15/Mar/2019
  • Multicultural Policy Framework Consultation in August 2018 by invitation from Janine Freeman MLA
  • Meeting with Florence Tressler, the Community Development Officer from Girl Guides Western Australia on 26/July/2018
  • Meeting with Ajay Yeow and Peimon Misaghi from AFP on 26/July/2018
  • Meeting with Indian Society WA (ISWA) representative in Oct/2018
  • ECCWA AGM representing Iranian Association Inc.
  • Confluence Festival of India 4/Nov/2018 by invitation from Consulate General of India in Perth
  • OMI Leadership Program Alumni event on 22/Nov/2019 by invitation of Hon Paul Papalia CSC MLA, Minister for Citizenship and Multicultural Interests
  • Inaugural WA Community Leader and Home Affairs Forum on 22/Nov/2018 by invitation from Samantha Patuto, the Regional Director of Department of Home Affairs
  • Richmond Wellbeing Harmony Week Celebration on 28/March/2019 by invitation of Emma Assadi, the CALD Facilitator.
  • Meeting with Troy Nix, Community Liaison Officer from Department of Home Affairs on 8/April/2019
  • WA Police Morning Tea in May 2019 by invitation from Chris Dawson, the Commissioner of Police
  • Parliamentary Ramadan Iftar dinner on 27/May/2019, by invitation from Hon Chris Tallentire MLA
  • Meeting with AUSTRAC representatives on 18/June/2019

Yours sincerely
Morteza Tabatabaee
Iranian Community of Western Australia

شروع ترم چهارم در مدرسه زبان پارسی استرالیای غربی روز شنبه نوزدهم اکتبر و ساعت کلاسها طبق معمول از یک و نیم تا چهار بعدازظهر است.

Term 4 at Persian Language School will start on Saturday 19 Oct 2019.
Enrolment: http://plswa.org.au/registration

جلسه مجمع عمومي ساليانه اتحاديه ايرانيان عصر روز جمعه بیست و هفتم سپتامبر دوهزار و نوزده از ساعت پنج الی هشت شب برگزار خواهد شد. دعوت به شركت در اين جلسه و فرم هاي مربوط در نیمه دوم جولای برای اعضاء ارسال می گردد

NOTICE is hereby given in accordance with provisions of the constitution and Associations Incorporation ACT, that the AGM of the members of “Iranians Association Inc.” will be held on Friday 27 September 2018, 5:00 - 8:00 pm.