اولین گردهمایی شبکه متخصصین ایرانی مقیم استرالیای غربی رور جمعه بیست و پنجم ماه اوت با موفقیت برگزار شد. اعضای این شبکه از این پس بطور ماهیانه دیدار می کنند تا در حمایت از یکدیگر و تقویت بنیه اقتصادی جامعه ایرانی مقیم بخصوص بیزینس های عضو تلاش کنند. شرکت در جلسات مخصوص اعضای شبکه است و همه ایرانیان متخصص و بخصوص ایرانیانی که بیزینس دارند می توانند عضو این شبکه باشند
افراد غیرعضو می توانند یک جلسه (بدون عضویت) با رزرو قبلی در برنامه شرکت کنند

Professionals Network (IPN) provides Opportunities for networking, knowledge and experience sharing, and a positive, supportive, and structured environment for the development and exchange of quality business referrals.
IPN meeting are “members-only event” and held on monthly basis.
Non-Members who are interested in joining, can RSVP and attend one session for free before they sign up as member. 
The Benefits of Membership
  • A committed support from ICWA as it work tirelessly on your behalf, getting you in front of the people you want to meet.
  • Business referals from network members.
  • Support and word of mouth for your business from network members.
  • Wealth of knowledge and experience within the network that is freely available to you.
  • Free access to all IPN workshops and seminars.
  • Discounts from network members for the products and services that are available within the network.
  • Free stall at all IPN monthly events to introduce your company to members and visitors.
  • Introductions to new business contacts as there are always new companies in attendance at the monthly events.
  • Discounted stalls at any ICWA events (ie. PCF, PNYF, etc) to sell non-food products or promote your business.
  • Free listing on ICWA website

Non-Members RSVP by email: to info@iraniancommunity.org.au
Info line: 0405 766 208

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