Persian Language School WA
Fiscal Year 2020–2021

1.  General

From July 2020 after easing of the coronavirus restrictions, we’ve been able to resume our in-campus classes. We also continued our online classes (live/real-time) for our remote students (ie. from other states), private tuition and few of our students who choose to continue with our online classes. From 1st July 2020 until 30th June 2021, the operation of Persian Language School went well. However, the average number of students per term during this period (post-covid) was slightly less (current: 46, Previous: 49) comparing to the previous financial year. During this period, average of 46 students per term have attended the in-campus Persian language classes. In addition, we had 21 case of enrolment from seven students for whom 86 sessions of private tuitions has been held.

2.  Persian Book Library

In July 2020, the physical book library of the school (Persian Library WA) has been set. The library website (library.plswa.org.au) also created, so that people can easily browse and borrow the books that are available at the library. While part of the available books already recorded on the website, there are still many books that are waiting to be added to the website. 

3.  End of School Year Celebration

End of School Year Celebration on 12th Dec 2020, was a great event particularly with certificates of recognitions awarded to teachers and EAs and certificates of achievement awarded to children classes students. 

4.  Academic Team Meeting

In-line with the commitment of the Persian Language School WA to continuously improve the quality of service, one meeting of the “School Academic Team” for reviewing the academic program of the school, has been held in 2020. 

5.  Curriculum Update

Based on the view of the Academic Team (Ref minutes of the meeting), that teaching the First Step Persian book in basic level require more than two terms, minor change in duration of the teaching of First Step Persian book (changed from two terms to four terms) applied. Accordingly, the “Study Roadmap and Syllabus” section of PLSWA Charter document has been updated.

6.  School Consultative Committee

In-line with the commitment of the Persian Language School WA to provide excellence in services to the community, one meetings of the “School Consultative Committee” has been held on 14th Nov 2020.

7.  Pathways to Improvement Program

After successfully completing the PIP stage one, the “Certificate of Completion“ has been received from Office of Multicultural Interests.

However due to Covid-19 restrictions, there were no further activity or request from OMI to progress to the next stage of PIP.


8.  Implementing New Method for Teachers Reporting 

Getting PLSWA teachers to provide a good and timely report of their class activity and students’ assessment always was a challenge. Over the past few years, PLSWA teachers using an offline method (PDF/DOC file) to report their class activities and students assessments at the end of each term.

Starting from Term 2 (May 2021) new method for teachers’ reporting introduced, and PLSWA teachers are requested to fill their online report forms (held on Google Drive) at the end of each tuition session.

9.  Persian Language Tuition for ATAR

A new Persian language course has been introduced and started with two students from May 2021. This is a personalised semi-private face-to-face tuition of Persian Language to year 12 students who aim to sit for the ATAR course practical examinations for Persian: Second Language. Students learn all four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing) as well as pronunciation and vocabulary tailored to their requirement.

Yours sincerely
Morteza Tabatabaee
Persian Language School WA

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