Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022

1. Social gatherings and events

The following cultural event have been carried out during last financial year, from 1st July 2021 until 30th June 2022.
1. Yalda night: This event has been carried out on Crystal Swan Cruises. ICWA tried to involve more people with high quality of services.
2. Persian Fire Festival: This event has been carried out on 15 March 2022.
More than 1200 people have attended to this cultural event. ICWA invited department of health to have Covid19 Vaccination for our community and more than 20 people have had their vaccination during the event.
3. ICWA activities for COVID19: Iranian Community is always supporting people’s health. During Covid19, ICWA promoted its’ community to have all vaccinations and offered free services to the people who had financial, disability, and elders for having Covid19 vaccinations. Offering free masks and free Rat test during all Iranian communities’ events.
4. Art exhibition: ICWA has hired WA museum for a month to have three weeks art workshops and one-week Iranian Art exhibition. This event will be carried out regularly on every August since 2023.
5. Professional networking activities: This activity was cancelled during Covid19. ICWA recently started to continue regular technical course and networking.
6. Caring and servicing activities: ICWA always trying to support people who need help and support.

2. Leadership Activities

ICWA managed to have the strategic plan for next 5 years with WA leadership board group. They carried out in consulting with ICWA manager. The report is finalised on 2021 and shared with all ICWA board member and IAI board member as well.

3. COVID 19

ICWA was granted for two phases of Covid_19 from FECCA which help Iranian community to promote people in having their vaccinations. ICWA guided the Iranian community people in giving them the knowledge and support during the Covid pandemic.

4. ICWA Management Team

ICWA management team currently have 5 members and new members are willing to join the management team for next year.
ICWA having monthly management team meeting to plan and execute their objective. Due to Covid pandemic, ICWA made decision to have online meeting rather than face to face meeting. All discussions and decision-making were done through ICWA WhatsApp group.

Yours sincerely
Mohammad Bahar
Iranian Community of Western Australia

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