Fiscal Year 2021 – 2022

1. General

During the financial year 2021-2022 (1st July 2021 until 30th June 2022), the operation of Saturday classes at Persian Language School continued as normal. Over the last six months of 2021, a comprehensive review of PLSWA activities, pricing, teachers’ performance, reporting and curriculum mapping, teacher’s wages, tuition pricing and more has been performed and consequently some changes implemented to improve the school standards and performance.
Also, in order for the Persian language school to be able to compete with other institutions in the world in teaching Persian online, the rate of the school's online classes effective from the beginning of 2022, has been reduced. Reducing the online tuition rate attracted few more students, and as a result we have had around one hundred hours of online tutoring sessions during the first four months of the year 2022.
However, in general, the average number of students per term during this period was less comparing to the previous financial year (40 vs 46). Dropping in numbers was for on campus students, particularly children student, caused by change of school location from Osborne Park to Ferndale.

2. School Location

PLSWA premises over that past two years (80 Albert St, Osborne Park) did not have playground or good outdoor area, that was not appealing to our children.
Fortunately, we’ve been able to secure a proper school environment for PLSWA Saturday classes at Fountain College (12 Karri Way, Ferndale WA 6148) starting from February 2022. Addition to playground, great outdoors and parking area, all classes have natural daylight that is not only good for children’s overall health and wellbeing, but also improves the academic performance. Also all classes equipped with computer and projector that allows our teacher to easily share notes and teaching material and keep students engaged.

3. Financial Status

PLSWA had financial loss in previous financial year (FY2020-2021) that was due to the cost of building lease, losing few students and allocation of one teacher per 2-3 students. For the FY2021-2022, comparing to previous year, PLSWA operation has 6K less revenue, but also 10K less cost, so that in general had a better financial status.

4. End of School Year Celebration

End of School Year Celebration on 11th Dec 2021, was a great event particularly with certificates of recognitions awarded to teachers and certificates of achievement awarded to children classes students.

5. Academic Team Meeting

In-line with the commitment of the Persian Language School WA to continuously improve the quality of service, two meeting of the “School Academic Team” for reviewing the academic program of the school, has been held in November 2021.

6. Curriculum Mapping

Reviewing teacher’s report during the past year revealed that PLSWA curriculum may not be followed in few cases. At the beginning of year 2022 a letter covering multiple matters that teachers most comply including the full observation of the school curriculum has been handed and explained to teachers, all committed to follow the curriculum.

7. School Consultative Committee

In-line with the commitment of the Persian Language School WA to provide excellence in services to the community, one meetings of the “School Consultative Committee (Parents and Teachers)” has been held on 27/Nov/2021.
At this meeting (among few other items) the methods to create more motivation for students attending PLSWA has been discussed. While certificates provided to students at the “end of school year celebration” seen as a motive to students, some suggestions presented by parents for more encouragement to students, such as giving small gifts, merit cards and certificates as reward during classes and linking students learning at Persian language school to their main school.

8. Pathways to Improvement Program

During Oct-Dec 2021 multiple documents covering PIP Standards "6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.7, 6.1, 1.2 1.3 and 2.1" created and submitted. Consequently, according to the evaluation by CLWA/OMI, PLSWA has completed the 2021 requirements for the PIP portfolio towards the achievement of Stage 2.

Yours sincerely
Morteza Tabatabaee
Persian Language School WA

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